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The Plan

Not every retailer needs to hire a professional consultant to be on site during their store closing sale. The PLAN can save you big bucks and achieve similar results to using an on-site professional store closing consultant would. Each PLAN is customized for the individual retailer and developed from information they provided. It is based on the retailer’s needs and goals. With a solid plan and an available source of experienced good advice many small retailers can conduct their own Store Closing or Going Out Of Business Sale. They can achieve the same or better results than if they used a full-time professional store closing consultant.

Cost $3,000

The PLAN includes:


  • The best time to run your sale.
  • How long your sale should be.
  • What sales volume to expect.
  • Detailed markdown strategy.
  • Merchandising strategies.
  • Recommended signage.
  • Recommended media,
  • Media timing, examples and sources.
  • Best way to sell store fixtures
    .(2) Consulting sessions anytime during the sale.

Remote Monitoring & Management

Sometimes you need more than just a plan to follow. Marketing isn’t your strong suit. You really don’t have time to do it all, but you don’t feel you need on-site help to conduct your store closing sale. We have the answer.

Remote Monitoring and Management allows CCH Consulting to provide excellent guidance  without needing to be on site for the sale.  It has provn to be etremely successful and obtains results comparable to having a consultant on site for the sale. Working remotely is an accepted  practice across  many business platforms. 



$1,000 each week of sale

The advatages of Remote Monitoring and Manage are:


  • Cost-effective – cost less than in person meetings as there is no travel cost, travel time or meeting overhead .
  • Convenience – allows client to access services when and where it works for them.
  • Enhanced accessibility – makes services available for those living in remote areas.
  • Access to specialized expertise – experts can be accessed when needed

The Total Package

We believe that the independent retailer should be actively involved in the planning and execution of their Store Closing Sale. We also realize that there are sometimes circumstances when a retailer might need a consultant on-site for some period during the planning, set-up or implementation of the sale. The Total Package Includes:

Priced Individually

  • The Plan
  • Consultant on-site as needed by client
  • On-going unlimited support 24/7 throughout entire sale
  • Additional store visits if needed at no additional consulting fees