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We at CCH Consulting believe that the independent
retailer should be actively involved in the planning and
execution of their Store Closing Plan. We also realize
that there are sometimes circumstances when a retailer
might need a consultant on-site for some period during
the planning, set-up or implementation of the sale.

When Should You Consider Using Our PRO Plan?


• You feel that you need consultant on site at sometime during the Store Closing process.

• There are circumstances that limit your ability to fully participate in the planning or
implementation of closing plan.

• If an absentee owner is involved.

• Inventory level exceeds $1,000,000.

• If you need to be sure you maximize results and minimize expenses.

• You are a retailer who is excellent at running your store, but realize that you have
little knowledge about how to conduct a store closing sale and want the security/comfort
of knowing you have an experienced consultant available when needed.

What Does Our Pro Plan Include?


• Consultant on-site as needed. Need to be determined by client and

• A detailed plan for conducting a store closing sale.

• The planning, development and implementation of the complete marketing plan.

• The recommendation, sourcing of all signage.

• On-going unlimited support 24/7 throughout the entire sale.

• Assistance in selling store fixtures, displays and equipment.

• Additional store visits at no additional consulting fee if needed.


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