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Over 40 years of retail experience
Over 20 years of store closing experience
Over 300 store closing sales


When you sign with CCH Consulting you get Chuck and his experience, not an independent contract individual working for the company you thought you hired.

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CCH Consulting, LLC is a Store Closing Sale Consultant firm. We are focused on helping small independent retailers. Our specialization is retail consulting. We offer planning and implementing of exit strategies for the small retailer.

Chuck Haug in his back yard in Tucson Arizona, retail store closing consultantChuck Haug, owner of CCH Consulting, has over 40 years of retail experience. After graduating with a degree in marketing from Millikin University, he was employed by J.C. Penney and Mervyn’s for over twenty years. Chuck worked in store, district and regional management. It was with these stores that he gained the hands-on experience of retail merchandising.

Chuck worked with Marketing Resources of America (MRA) as Director of Merchandising for 9 years. With MRA, he directed a team of 20 retail merchandisers. They worked with major clients, developing and implementing marketing and merchandising plans.

Chuck left to start his own marketing and merchandising company, Merchandising Concepts. He and a staff of 8 retail consultants helped independent retailers in the US, Canada and Australia markets.

Prior to starting CCH Consulting, Chuck worked as a retail consultant with GA Wright Sales, Inc. He first worked as a Retail Store Closing and Promotional Sales Consultant. Then he worked as a Senior Retail Store Closing Consultant selling Wright’s program on the West coast.

During one of our closing sales, we had one potential customer per second come through the doors:

CCH Consulting can help you make it happen.

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♦  Store Closing Sales   ♦  Retirement Sales    ♦ Going Out of Business Sales

♦ Moving Sales              ♦  Liquidation Sales   ♦  Inventory Reduction Sales

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