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Testimonials from Clients

We have happy store closing sale clients from all over the United States!

“I was attracted to Chuck’s website because it was the only one to offer a mixed choice approach to closing a business. He met with myself and key staff members and helped us craft a strategy that reflected our values and business style. Chuck kept us on track with proper timing for customer contacts and markdowns and brought us through the process with the highest sales and margin we have ever seen for a holiday season. His appreciation for letting us be us while keeping up the sales momentum allowed me to sleep at night and actually feel good about our closing.”

Chris Foss  Greenhouse  Bellingham, WA

“I own, with my brother, a 3rd generation family specialty sporting goods store. We decided to close one of our two locations after being offered a good amount for the real estate. We needed to liquidate not only a fair amount of merchandise but also fixtures and displays.

After my first conversation with Chuck, I was totally put at ease with not only his demeanor but his experience. He was able to formulate a custom game plan for our circumstances and walk us through exactly how to do it. We used his creative resources for direct mail and email. He was here the week of the liquidation helping with set up and when we opened our doors, there were over 200 people in line. The sale was successful beyond our wildest expectations! I have been running a successful business for 30+ years and, in spite of my business acumen, I realize after the fact that I would not have priced things correctly and would have cheated myself out of tens of thousands of dollars if I would have run the sale on my own!

Chuck is so responsive and easy to work with. The man gets it and I still stay in touch with him.

Hiring Chuck is the best business decision anyone can make. Again, not only did I turn a better profit than I ever expected but he made this sale a STRESS-FREE event! Thank you, Chuck – you’re the best in the business!!!”

Alan R. Davis  Princeton Sports Columbia, MD

“I owned a successful business for 31 years, and when I decided to retire, I knew I wanted  to hire a professional.  I knew nothing about closing out a store – what procedures, what time lines, staffing requirements, advertising, social media – and you only have one opportunity to be profitable when you’re retiring. From the first conversation with him, through the preparation and sale, Chuck was pleasant, easy to work with, honest and kind.  The close out sale far surpassed my expectations, and I would hire him again without hesitation, and recommend him to anyone closing out their business.”

Cathie Wyman  Wyman Park  La Conner, WA

“’The Perfect Storm,’ that’s what it was. The sale started off big and just kept growing. But Chuck had us ready. The marketing, the approach to discounts and the timing of the sale could not have been better. Our results were much better than I anticipated. The sales were great, but what impressed me most was we were able to maintain a reasonable margin throughout the sale. Every thing went just like Chuck said it would. We made a great team. His knowledge of store closings and my knowledge of my store and customers formed a great team. We knocked it out of the ballpark.”

Barry Levin  David Barry’s Tall & Big    Birmingham, AL

“Closing a family business that started in 1957 and coming out of one of the warmest winters in our history, I was quite anxious when I thought about our store Retirement Sale. We had been in the business for 38 years and I was ready to retire. I contacted Chuck and we really hit it off and I got the feeling that he really cared about the results of my sale and me. I could not be happier with the results or the working relationship Chuck and I shared. We made a good team. I knew the Skiing business, he knew the Store Retirement Sale business. It worked. We had tremendous results.”

Stuart Kahane  SKI Center    Washington, DC

“I couldn’t be happier with the results of our Closing Sale. I had less than 1% of my inventory left and I donated to a local charity. Chuck was great to work with. ‘Be Patient,’ were Chuck’s words as I continually wanted to take reductions quicker than he recommended. Look at the results.  All the inventory gone and money in my pockets. Chuck knows his business.”

Sandy Herrick   The Gift Horse   Topsfield, MA

“I owned a successful business for 31 years, and when I decided to retire, I knew I wanted  to hire a professional.  I knew nothing about closing out a store – what procedures, what time lines, staffing requirements, advertising, social media – and you only have one opportunity to be profitable when you’re retiring.

“I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. We’re just a small shop in a small community. We had so many people and they were all buying. The best items sold first and we really didn’t mark them down that much. The first weekend was really too busy. We could barely handle it. But after that customer traffic was just really very steady throughout the entire store closing sale. Customers were buying, not “just looking.”

Barbara Reily  Tournesol   Sewickley, PA

“We’re a real small community but people came from all around. We sold over 67 guns on the first day and by the end of the first weekend, we didn’t have a handgun left to sell. Fisherman were buying 1/2 dozen of the same lure at a time.  The expensive rods and reels sold first. We had 120 people in the door the first ten minutes.”

Blake Boykin  The Fishing Hole   Wakefield, VA

“Chuck had us prepared for our store closing sale. We had more customers than the rest of downtown Bethlehem together. It was amazing. They just kept coming, but we were ready for them. We sold things that seemed like they had been setting on the shelf forever.”

Norene Dreher  In The Mood   Bethlehem, PA

“Opening day of the closing sale was overpowering. Far and away the largest sales of any day that we have ever experienced.  Chuck told us that the store closing sale would be big, but we had no idea it would be that big.”

Robin McLane  Bellevue Art & Frame  Bellevue, WA

“All my inventory liquidated.   All my fixtures gone.   Closed three days early.   What’s more to say?    Thanks, Chuck.”

Benjamin Pena  Ranch At The Rim   San Antonio, TX

“The sale went so smoothly.  Chuck always seemed to know what was next. He kept us focused and on track. I couldn’t have been any happier with the results of our retail store closing sale.”

Jamie Harnagle  Black Pearl   Eagle, ID

“We were in the planning stages for our Retirement Sale when my husband, Riz, had a heart attack and was hospitalized. I didn’t know what to do. Chuck stepped in and told me not to worry about the sale and to just take care of my husband. He took charge and ran the sale for me. Our results were greater than I could have ever expected. Chuck and I talked regularly, but I doubt that I was in the store more than once a week. I don’t know what I would have done without the help of CCH Consulting.”

Martha Lee Pyykko  Pam’s Hallmark   Ontario, CA

“After over 40 years in the shoe business I was pretty sure I knew how to run my small business. But I didn’t have any idea how to organize and promote a retirement store closing sale. I wanted to do it right. It was my retirement fund. Mine was a small store, both size and inventory wise. I couldn’t afford to pay someone to be on site for several weeks. The DIY Plan that CCH Consulting offered really met my needs. The plan had timelines, guidelines and examples, plus Chuck was always available when I needed advice. I was amazed how smooth it went with just a little help.”

Gordon Rabing  Ashley’s Shoes   Oregon City, OR

“We saw customers that we had not seen in five years. We could barely get the lighting fixtures down from display quickly enough. As soon as we got one down another one sold. We did a month’s business that opening weekend. The community really responded to our liquidation sale. I really appreciated that Chuck always responded very quickly to any questions I had.”

Julia Craven  Quincy Lighting   Quincy, IL