We at CCH Consulting believe that the independent retailer should be actively involved in the planning and execution of their Store Closing Plan. We also realize that there are sometimes circumstances when a retailer might need a consultant on-site throughout the sale. This is that Total Package.

When Should the Total Package Plan be considered?


• If a personal or family illness limits the owner’s involvement.

• If there is an absentee owner involved.

• Inventory level exceeds $1,000,000.

• Store owner feels that a full-time consultant is required.

What Does the Total Package Plan Include?


• Full-time experienced consultant on site a minimum of 40 hours per week.

• A store closing plan developed and implemented by that consultant.

• A store closing plan for the highest recovery possible.

• A store closing plan time frame designed to maximize sales results and minimize expenses.

• A store closing plan customized to meet retailer’s specific needs.

• Weekly reports on the progress of the sale.

• Consultant available 24/7 to answer any concerns.


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