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Just because you’re closing shop doesn’t mean you want to forget completely about trying to create a profit from this event. After all, it will be your very last opportunity to earn revenue from your business.

CCH Consulting has helped over 300 small and medium size independent retailers conduct successful and profitable store closing sales. You should always consult with an experienced consultant. After all, it’s a specialty event, very different from day to day retail, and it requires a specialty skillset.

Here are some of the benefits of working with CCH Consulting versus trying to conduct your store closing sale on your own.

  • Getting People In The Door

Closing sale events require serious strategizing, and a successfully timed and executed marketing plan that supports the closing event and generates more foot traffic than you’ve seen in years. Leveraging a store closing to create buzz in your community and draw in well-wishers and deal-hunters is a big job, and you likely will have your hands full with your customers. Having a store closing consultant can mean that your marketing machine keeps running without missing a beat, while you get down to the business of selling off all your inventory.

  • Getting People To Buy

Let’s face it, you’ve been in business for years, and you know how to sell a thing or two. However, there are some different parameters to factor in when you’re working with a limited time frame and limited inventory. There are ways to create that ‘buying frenzy’ which induces customers to buy now rather than wait until later. We’ll help you to create an aura of excitement that causes people to come back time and again, bringing friends and family to help you sell through your inventory.

  • Keeping Sales Consistent Even As Your Inventory Dwindles

Merchandising is so important that it can single-handedly rescue your revenue stream.

Sparse shelves and racks make you look like you’re picked-over, even when customers know the reason is that you’re selling off your products in order to close. You have to maintain enticing selection and pricing to match. Customers are drawn to unique displays, and if you can’t entice them, you’re going to lose them, and their open wallets. There are tactics to this, of course, that were developed with years of experience. We can help you keep your store looking like a great place to shop, even as your inventory sells through.

  • Maintaining Your Reputation and Image

If you’re looking to liquidate right down to the bare walls, you might also want some help with maintaining your company’s reputation as you navigate through the process.

This might be true if you want to move forward, proud of what you built and how gracefully you exited. Or it might be because you live in a smaller town, and you want to be as good a community member on your last day in business as on your first. We can help you plan an approach that makes sense for you.

  • Keeping You Focused On Running Your Business

As you know from your many years in business, running a store is a full-time job.

Now factor on top of that all the closing activities, planning and strategizing.

Now, also add in that you’re likely emotional about closing your store, even if you happen to also be excited to be moving on to new opportunities. A lot is going on in your life. We hear quite frequently from our clients that they appreciated the help transitioning their lives, not just closing their stores.

Contact CCH Consulting. If you’re considering retiring, moving, downsizing or closing your store, but you don’t know where to start, we’d be honored to be your guide. Reach out and contact CCH Consulting, and we can sit down with you to decide the best action plan for you. We’ll be there the whole way through, so that you’re not only supported in closing your store, but in moving on to your big, bright future.

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