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Use of a retail store closing consultant will produce a maximum return at minimum expense, reducing potential losses from excessive markdowns, ineffective advertising, excessive expenses, or a loss of momentum.  

A professional retail consultant analyzes the client’s situation, tailors the plan to the individual retail client and helps manage the implementation to include merchandising, store operations and sales to produce the best results.  

The consultant brings three essential elements to the client – proven marketing tools, experience and management expertise.  

The consultant will implement a marketing plan, tailored to the specific characteristics of the retail client.  The marketing plan is designed to produce heavy traffic flow and sales volume. The plan will normally address the following issues: 
2. Preparation 

3. Merchandising 
4. Pricing 
5. Advertising 
6. Point-of-Purchase Promotion 
7. Employee Training 
8. Security 
9. Public Relations  
Knowing when to expect peak traffic flow, how long volume can be sustained, when and how much to advertise, when to take a markdown, and other critical questions can only be answered from experience.  A retail store closing consultant is a specialist.  Experience allows accurate judgments, anticipation of problems, and the ability to implement the marketing plan for maximum results.  
The intense environment of a store closing sale is much different than normal business.  The consultant is available to solve problems, react to a changing situation and take advantage of every opportunity to enhance results. 
Frequently, a client has been able to identify one or two of the decisions recommended solely by the consultant that paid all consulting fees within the first few days of a promotion.


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