Should You Use a Store Closing Consultant?

You are in the business of running your store.  Planning and running a Store Closing Sale is very different than every day retail.  Ensuring success of your Store Closing Sale requires careful planning; close monitoring of sales, margins, and expenses, and aggressive execution of a well-designed marketing plan.

A Store Closing Consultant has the experience and know how to make your Store Closing Sale a success. A good Store Closing Consultant will know:

  1. How to line up a crowd of excited customers for the sale opening.
  2. How to answer all of the questions customers will ask in a way that will increase sales.
  3. How to create a buying frenzy in the store, causing customers to buy now rather than wait or check prices elsewhere.
  4. How to keep margins high on the front end of the sale to compensate for any markdowns that will be necessary to close out the hard-to-sell merchandise at the end.
  5. The power of direct mail and how it is most effectively used to generate sales.
  6. How to use email marketing to lower the cost of advertising.
  7. Merchandising techniques that will expose customers to more merchandise, and increase their purchases.
  8. How to keep your customers coming back again and again, bringing family and friends, until you have sold everything.
  9. What to do as your merchandise sells down and becomes depleted.
  10. How to collect accounts receivable.
  11. A system for selling fixtures and equipment that endures the highest possible prices.
  12. How to keep your best employees as long as you need them.
  13. The best time to conduct a sale and how long it should last to maximize your return.

Reliance on a company in the business of managing store closings which has tested and perfected methods of maximizing results, and has significant experience with the process, is a critical part of successful store closings.

You should not attempt to close your store without some professional assistance. We have 4 different store closing plans, each with a different level of assistance. Contact us today for a Free Store Closing Consultaion