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Store closing plans are our business.

If you’re planning a Going Out of Business, Store Closing or Retirement Sale
you are going to need a plan.

Not all retailers are alike so there is no one plan that is right for everyone.
Each can be customized to meet your needs.


Unlike most Store Closing Consultants, we don’t believe that it is always necessary to have a consultant on-site throughout the entire sale. In many cases that’s a waste of your valuable cash:  that consultant is just performing a task that you or your team could and should be doing. You should use a consultant for their knowledge of the store closing procedure, not to duplicate or replace skills you already have.  Sometimes it is best to have a consultant on site at some period during the closing sale. We are prepared to meet those needs when that need has been determined.

Conducting a store closing sale is much different from running your day-in day-out business.  All retailers considering a Store Closing Sale should investigate the services of an experienced store closing consultant.  If you use the consultant right, the increased results that he will brings will more than cover his fees.  Your Store Closing Sale is too important not to invest in getting the right help. You only have one chance to do it right.


Choose the one that best meets your needs.

CCH Consulting can help you make it happen.

We Are Experts In:


♦  Store Closing Sales   ♦  Retirement Sales    ♦ Going Out of Business Sales

♦ Moving Sales              ♦  Liquidation Sales   ♦  Inventory Reduction Sales

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