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When promoting your Store Closing Sale one of the questions that arise is what marketing media should you use. There is no one media that will reach your entire target market for your sale. You will need to use a variety of methods to reach them.

For most of my clients I recommend a combination of direct mail, email and social media marketing. Which combination you choose to use should be determined by your customer list or lack there of.

There was a time when newspaper was the logical choice for your primary marketing effort. That time has past. Most retailers realize that a store website is a necessity. They are beginning to realize that a store FaceBook page is quickly becoming one also.

When promoting your Store Closing Sale on line a combination of email marketing and social media marketing is best. The email marketing allows you to get your message out to your current customers. Marketing your Store Closing Sale on FaceBook can allow you to reach not only those people that follow your Facebook page but also friends of friends that follow your page. You do that by “boosting” your Facebook post on your page.

What is a boosted Post?

A boosted post is the most basic advertising you can do on Facebook. They are created by allocating advertising budget to a post already on the businesses’ page. Once the boost is approved by Facebook, more people will see this particular post in their news feed.

Your post on its own would only reach a very small portion of your current audience which could be as little as 1%! Boosting the post allows you to ensure a much larger audience of your choice sees the post in their news feed. Boosted posts are typically used when the goal is to achieve audience engagement such as post likes, shares and comments.

Visit FaceBook to learn more about “Boosted Post”. It will be well worth your time.